When you navigate to a document library, there is a "New" button that lets you add folders or regular brand new Office files to said library. In this "New" button, you can add your own custom Office templates (e. g. a Word file with my company logo on it).

However, when I add those custom templates, they only appear in the context of the current site, and not all company sites.

Things I already tried:

  1. Setting up an Organization Assets Library: the uploaded templates show up when I create a new Office file from office.com, but not on the "New" button of a library;

  2. Content Type publishing from Content Type Hub: the office templates do get distributed to all sites, but I have to manually "allow content types" on site configurations and then apply the new content type to each library in every single site.

Of course I could just teach people creating sites to follow the procedures in item 2, but I'm dealing with end users that really struggle with technology.

Is there a way of making this process automatic for all sites within my company hub?


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