I am displaying users from certain groups within an SPFx web part for SharePoint Online.

If I try to add a filter I get the error "The specified filter to the reference property query is currently not supported"

It works fine without the filter.

Thanks P

let filterString = "jobTitle eq 'Partner'";
      let filterString = "startswith(mail, 'p')";
      let filterString = "givenName eq 'Pete'";

      var client = await this.context.msGraphClientFactory.getClient('3');
      var result = await client.api('groups/' + this.properties.groupGUID + '/members').filter(filterString).get();

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As per official documentation for List Members API you need to add custom header ConsistencyLevel with value "eventual" and also need to add query string parameter $count with value true

See details of Request Header

ConsistencyLevel: eventual. This header and $count are required when using the $search, $filter, $orderby, or OData cast query parameters. It uses an index that might not be up-to-date with recent changes to the object.

You can try below code to use filter in that api which is working in my case

var result = await client.api('groups/groupid/members').headers({

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