By default sharepoint online has a vertical list on the left of "frequent" sites. Rather than this, I would much prefer the entire tenant just have an alphabetical listing of all sites a user has access to that doesn't change and move around. This feels like something that should be simple but the answer seems to evade me - is it possible?

I see from another question here that allows me to search for the same list so this seems halfway there... I also found this answer which provided a lot of HTML to do this from a webpart but that seemed a bit overkill... is this the only way?

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Search is the only way. You can use an API call or set up a search results page. The details will be up to you.

You'll have to be mindful of paging. Suppose a user has access to thousands of sites. What will you do then? If you try to fetch them all you'll crash the page.

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