I just need some ideas here... I want to build a webpart with No JS Framework selected(meaning I want to use vanilla JS)

But I would like to use the get property configuration pane to

  • So a user can select an existing list from the current site when they edit the webpart and then i want to pass the name of the list so i can populate the div/table Can I achieve this using just vanilla JS or it has to be react?

Also does anyone have come across a webpart with No JS Framework to display a list with paging with custom css(no sass)?

Any links or resources would be appreciated.


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As per Ganesh's suggestion, I would recommend that you take a look at the SPFx web parts sample repository. Try searching by framework and select the JavaScript framework.

If you don't find the sample you need, try making a request and maybe someone in the community will be inspired by your request.

I hope this helps!?

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