I have a team that is co-authoring an Excel workbook. Occasionally, when the file is opened, users get a message the file can't be saved due to change(s): Digital signature(s). (A photo is below.)

We do not have check-out enabled on the library (to allow co-authoring.) This happens on multiple workbooks. None of team members is implementing the Digital Signature feature in Office-365. Workbooks do not have links to other workbooks, or links to outside data sources that could result in a security restriction. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens frequently enough to be a real issue.

I have googled the living snot out of the Internet, and find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the subject.

Does anyone have any clue what is causing this to happen? (I have a theory that this is nothing to do with digital signatures, but rather it intends to reference digital fingerprint.)

enter image description here

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It may be because the owner of the file has Digital signature(s) turned on. Please contact the file owner to check and disable this feature.

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  • The owner, as well as all members on the team that have ever been impacted, have checked they do not have DigiSign enabled, as stated in the original post. Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 12:11

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