I am trying to capture the sharepoint page user was on when the click on a Qualtrics Survey. However, using 'document.referrer', i am only able get the part of the URL (.sharepoint.com) instead of getting (.sharepoint.com/pagefolder/pageid.aspx)

I can add custom JS on the Qualtrics survey to pull the url, what is the Sharepoint equivalent of 'document.referrer' for Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Edge etc.)

'document.referrer' did use to work for IE but we no longer use that browser.

Thank you for your help!

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According to my research and testing, browsers that support the use of document.referrer :Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox ,Safari ,Opera. enter image description here

More information you can refer to this document: HTML DOM Document referrer

By the way, you also can use Window.location.href method to get SharePoint URL, for example:

function alertCurrentURL() {
    alert(`Current URL: ${window.location.href}`);

Hope it can help you. Thanks for your understanding.

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