Another day with SharePoint, another issues. :) I need to copy pages within one site, (from the top site to a subsite). Of course, there is no out of the box functionality for this, therefore I need to get creative. ;) I created an instant flow, it runs without a problem, no errors - the page seems to have copied. But once I open it, I am getting the error:

Sorry, something went wrong An unexpected error has occurred.

How do I go about it?

Update from comments:

Here is the flow I am using currently:

enter image description here

Note: Unfortunately I'm not allowed to use PowerShell commands.

  • Can you show us how you have configured your flow to copy page from site to subsite? Jul 26 at 11:19
  • In case you want to achieve using PowerShell + PnP. there are two command that you can use. Get-PnPFile -> to download the page locally. Then Add-PnPFile -> To upload the page. Jul 26 at 12:04
  • I usually use these commands to copy pages from one site collection to another / or from one library to another. It works perfectly for me. Jul 26 at 12:06

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I completed the same task in SharePoint Online using the below steps. Note: Your account has to be in the Owners group with Full Control on the destination site (your subsite) for the copy operation to successfully complete.

  1. Go to the Site Pages library.
  2. Click Return to Classic SharePoint.
  3. Click the File tab in the ribbon. Select the checkbox of the page to copy. Click Send to and then select Copy.
  4. Enter the link of the destination site’s Site Pages library. Rename the page (optional). Click Ok.
  5. In the Copy dialog, click Ok.
  6. Close the Copy dialog box.
  7. The copied file will appear in the target library.

For screenshots and additional information read this.

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