first, I must thank you all for the tips for new people who want to learn more on SharePoint to optimize their business. I'm trying to find a solution to write expanded conditional formula according to 7 columns which are making 39 different situations in our business. I tried some solutions without any success and I almost blew my head :-) the problem is that as far as I know, only 19 IF can be used simultaneously, but I need 39!. I would appreciate it if you have any workable solution

here is the sample which I'm trying to make:

=IF(AND(ISBLANK([COLUMN1]), ISBLANK([COLUMN2]), ISBLANK([COLUMN3]), ISBLANK([COLUMN4]), ISBLANK([COLUMN5]), ISBLANK([COLUMN6]), ISBLANK([COLUMN7])), “Result A” , “Result B”) Using the above sample in 39 condition:

= IF(-Condition1-), IF(-Condition2-), IF(-Condition3-), . . . IF(-Condition39-),

“-Result 1-”, “-Result 2-”), “-Result 3-”), . . . “-Result 39-”)

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If you need more than 19 conditions then return an empty string on the last if statement of your first 19 condition group and then concatenate (Using the & operator) and add another 19 IF statement.

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Took Reference from


Hope it will help to you


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