I have 6 content sources in my SharePoint 2016 - all content sources have been running without any issues over the last 3 years. But suddenly we notice that out of 6, in 4 content source crawler is running fine (incremental and Full crawl) but 2 content sources are not running properly - the incremental crawls stuck for these two content sources - so, we have stopped this using the PowerShell, after this automatically full crawl starts for this 2 content source but it never ends, continue for more than 100 hours. Then if we stop again using the PowerShell script, it will start full crawling again but will never end.

Till now we have done the followings:

  • Restarted the search service and timer services in the application server many times.

  • Restarted the server couple of times

  • Cleared the cache from both the application and frond end server
    (Following the Microsoft documentation)

  • Did IIS Reset

  • Did server restarts

After doing all the above, nothing helped us to fix the issue. Now, we request your help and suggestion to fix this issue.

  • Hammer down - reset the search index. Might be the fix - or else you might need to rebuild you search service from scratch if it's corrupted. Jul 22 at 12:06
  • Hi @Christoffer - Thanks for your comment, know about it, looking for any other hopes without going to resetting or re-creating the SSA. :-) Jul 22 at 14:23
  • How many servers do you have and what are their roles in the farm? Jul 22 at 15:37
  • @CallumCrowley - We have two servers one is an app with search another is wfe Jul 23 at 13:22


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