I have been unable to access the SharePoint server central administration page for almost a month.

The central administration page worked very well. But for a month, the SharePoint sites and the central administration page stopped working.

The last modification I had to make is the change of the password of the administrator account. The problems started after and I don't know what to do.


SharePoint Configuration Wizard error message displayed:

Failed to upgrade SharePoint Products. This is a critical task. You have to fix the failures before you can continue. Follow this link for more information about how to troubleshoot upgrade failures: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=866803

An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException was thrown. Additional exception information: Upgrade [SpContentDatabase Name=WSS_Content] failed. (EventID:an59t) Exception: The upgraded database schema doesn't match the TargetSchema (EventID:an59t) (EventID:an59t) Upgrade Timer job is existing due to exception: Microsoft.Sharepoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException: The upgraded database schema doesn't match the TargetSchema*

  • First of all run Sharepoint Configuration Wizard and if you have an error please provide us with error message. Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 13:06
  • Would be fairly poor server configuration but is that admin account being used for SharePoint services and connection to the content database server? Changing the password of a service account would cause a lot of problems. Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 13:26
  • @CallumCrowley, Yes, this is the account used for the services as well as the database. Indeed I am looking for a way to update the new password for sharepoint services. I have already updated the password at the database level.
    – TicTac6772
    Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 13:36
  • @PiotrSulowski OK I will try it right now
    – TicTac6772
    Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 13:37
  • Likely that you'll need to run the SharePoint configuration wizard to recover things. I would highly recommend that you use multiple service accounts e.g. a service account for accessing the database server etc, instead of one admin account for everything. The farm administrator account shouldn't be used for any services. Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 13:40

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  1. Try to access SharePoint central administration through URL.
  2. Since you may have the problem by changing the password of the administrator account, I suggest you run the configuration wizard again as administrator. Do not disconnect from the server or do any name mangling, keep everything the same.
  • I just posted the error message
    – TicTac6772
    Commented Jul 21, 2022 at 9:44

I solved the error with the tutorial available on this link https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/blogs/fix-the-upgrade-database-error-while-running-sharepoint-configuration-wizard

And Sharepoint Configuration Wizard no longer displays an error

But when I access Sharepoint Central Administration, I have an error : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

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