I have a PowerApps form connected to a SharePoint list. In my form I'd like to have a bunch of fields that are visible to all, except the User who created the entry. I only want that user to see a few columns, then when their manager goes into the form, they can see all of the other fields and act accordingly. I have the Created By column from the SP list in my form. Can I set the form so that certain fields are hidden from that particular User?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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For all the fields you'd like to hide from the user who created the item, set the Visible property to

ThisItem.'Created By'.Email <> User().Email

A slight improvement to this might be to use the formula above for one field and set the other fields to the visible property of the first field.

e.g. Set Field1 visible property to

ThisItem.'Created By'.Email <> User().Email

then set Field2 and Field3 visible property to


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