My SharePoint Content database is almost filled up. I deleted a large document library version, the database didn't free up any space. What should I do now? Please need your help.

Thank you in advance. Sincerely,

Farook Golam

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Based on your description, delete the document library version doesn't solve your problem very well. I suggest you create a new content database and migrate some site collections to the new content database. You can use the PowerShell command Move-SPSite to move site collections between content databases. There are two options: move a single site collection or multiple site collections to a new content database.
First, make sure you have the corresponding permissions.
Second, open the SharePoint Management Shell.
Then, enter the following command:

Move-SPSite <http://ServerName/Sites/SiteName> -DestinationDatabase <DestinationContentDb>

To move a single site collection to new content database For more details, please refer to this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/administration/move-site-collections-between-databases

For more information, see Move-SPSite.

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