The SharePoint App bar is a bit confusing to me as the site admin and to the end users, where it is not clear what each section is trying to show. Here are our three issues/questions:-

  1. The "My Sites" >> "Frequent" section, what should it show exactly ? "Frequent" means the sites that i have accessed frequently ? because some sites which get listed to the users were never accessed by that user?

enter image description here

  1. For all users the "My News" section will keep loading forever

enter image description here

  1. For the "My Lists" and "My Documents" sections, what is exactly meant by "Recent"? recently added/modified by any user or recently accessed/viewed by the login user?

Can anyone advice on my above 3 question please? Thanks

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As per Microsoft documentation for App bar, each section represents the below:

My sites – See sites that you frequently visit and sites that you follow.

My news – Review curated news based on your activity and interests.

My files – View and access files that you’ve recently been working on.

My lists – See lists that you've recently viewed or your favorite lists.

You can find how the sites you follow works under Sites you Follow link.

As mentioned above link, these suggestions are based on user interaction and recommendations from the Microsoft Graph.

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