I created SPFx app in node version 8.x and deployed successfully. Now I want to do enhancement to the app but node does not allow to build app when because of 8.x node version.

So I update the node version to 16.x(LTS) and now the app is not working it's keep on showing error. I have tried the below steps by commands:

  1. npm outdated
  2. update to latest version
  3. npm install
  4. gulp clean

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Node.js version 16.x is not yet supported for SPFx development.

Node.js version to use is depend on the version of SPFx generator you are using.

For example: If you are using SPFx v1.14, you can use Node.js version LTS v12 or LTS v14

enter image description here

I would recommend you to check & follow the SPFx compatibility matrix given at: SharePoint Framework development tools and libraries compatibility


Use NVM to Update Your Node Version

With NVM, you can install Node versions and specify the version of Node that a project uses. NVM makes it easy to test projects across various Node versions.

To update a Node Version with NVM, you have to install NVM first.

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