I'm trying to filter the rows of a Document Library on a SharePoint Foundation 2010. I would like to filter depending on the user:

Department of the user I don't mind if that is done via AD groups memberships, or maybe getting some user parameters from Active Directory.

  • I think Audience Targeting based on global audience is not supported in foundation. – Ashish Patel Feb 27 '12 at 16:17

There are a few user-related fields in a document library (out-of-the-box) - these are: 'Created By', 'Modified By' and 'Checked Out To'. Any additional user information from Active Directory (or other sources) will have to be brought in (i.e., as a site columns/content types). Some customizations will be needed to add these columns and add them to the views.

Details on importing User Profiles via AD can be found here - How to import user profile information of enabled user accounts from Active Directory to SharePoint. [UPDATE: Not applicable for SharePoint Foundation]

More on views & filtering are given in this post - SharePoint 2010 Document Library Views and Styles.

UPDATE: I think the first step would be access AD and populate the required information within SharePoint -

Use PowerShell Cmdlets to Search Active Directory

Use PowerShell to Query Active Directory from the Console

Powershell script for Adding Active Directory Users to Sharepoint 2010 Groups

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  • I'm afraid I can't use the first link you posted, given that I don't have that feature in SharePoint 2010 Foundation. – pepersview Feb 28 '12 at 9:13

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