I have a SharePoint site that I am using as a template to create new SharePoint sites.

This site contains document libraries that include empty folders:

enter image description here

However, the site that gets created from the template does not include any folders in the document libraries:

enter image description here

I'm using PNP.Framework 1.9 to generate the template:

 using var context = await GetAndLoadCsomClientContext(templateSiteUrl);

    var handlersToProcess = _sharePointSettings
        .Aggregate((result, item) => result | item);

    var creationInformation = new ProvisioningTemplateCreationInformation(context.Web)
        HandlersToProcess = handlersToProcess,
        IncludeSiteGroups = true,
        IncludeTermGroupsSecurity = true,
        IncludeSiteCollectionTermGroup = true,
        IncludeSearchConfiguration = true,
        IncludeAllClientSidePages = true,
        ProgressDelegate = (message, step, total) =>
            _logger.LogInformation($"Template Retrieval Progress: {step}/{total} - {message}");

    var template = context.Web.GetProvisioningTemplate(creationInformation);

and apply the template to the newly created site:

 using var context = await GetAndLoadCsomClientContext(siteCollectionUrl);

    var provisioningTemplateInformation = new ProvisioningTemplateApplyingInformation()
        // Delay to wait for site creation SharePoint still performs tasks even though it says it's ready
        DelayAfterModernSiteCreation = _functionSettings.ProvisioningSecondsDelayAfterSiteCreation,
        MessagesDelegate = (message, ProvisioningMessageType) =>
            _logger.LogInformation($"Provisioning Messages: {message}. Type: {ProvisioningMessageType}");
        ProgressDelegate = (message, step, total) =>
            _logger.LogInformation($"Provisioning Progress: {step}/{total} - {message}");

    context.Web.ApplyProvisioningTemplate(provisionUsingTemplate, provisioningTemplateInformation);

The template gets applied correctly, it's just that the template doesn't include any folders under the lists. If I manually add folders to the lists in the template, those folders get created.

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The Provisioning system handles the list and the pieces of the list (views, content types, fields etc.) but doesn't seem to be able to include content. Folders would be content.

I would suggest creating a script to add the folders such as:

Add-PnPFolder -Name NewFolder -Folder "Shared Documents"

This would create a folder called NewFolder in the Documents library of the connected site.


I agree with MunkeyWrench's answer, it unable to include folders, you can create folders by adding them manually.


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