I have a SharePoint Online tenant with office 365 cdn enabled. Here's a screenshot.

Tenant settings for CDN

I have a SharePoint site collection with publishing feature and custom scripting enabled. I am trying to refer a CSS file (style.css) which is located in masterpage library, through a content editor webpart. File is located here- https://***.sharepoint.com/sites/modernComm/_catalogs/masterpage/style.css

My problem is, CSS file does not load. Here's what I see in the network tab. CSS file is served from a public cdn which gives is 404 error https://publiccdn.sharepointonline.com/*****.sharepoint.com/sites/modernComm/_catalogs/masterpage/style.css

Masterpage library, content fails to load

I try the same steps by putting the style.css into Style Library and strangely this works. See the screenshot. What am I missing about the MASTERPAGE library ?

Style Library, content is loads via cdn


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