I am working on a Flow for a SharePoint list when a request for PTO is submitted, it will start an approval process.

I wanted to see if I can change the section of the email from the Approval that says "Created by:" as it has my email (I am assuming it is because I created this section in the flow) but I would want it to say the name of the employee requesting PTO.

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Unfortunately you cannot change the creator information in approval email.

As per the Microsoft official documentation for known limitations of approvals,

The creator of the flow will always be shown in the Approval details (email content and all clients). This is to prevent spoofing of approval sender identities.

If you want to show the name of user who submitted the request, you can do that in Requestor field in approval action.

For Example:

enter image description here

  • Appreciate the feedback. I suppose I will create a new account for approvals to be 'created by' I just did not want my email address attached to them every time an approval starts. Thanks!
    – Dr_Xunil
    Jun 6 at 20:24

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