I have a challenge with the List Validation process for a simple form. I need to check 2 fields: If [NPC Status] is "Passed" and [NPC End Date] greater or equal 2/24/2022.

=IF([NPC Status]="Passed",IF([NPC End Date]>=DATEVALUE("2/24/2022"),TRUE,FALSE),TRUE)

When I click the Ok button, the error message appears: The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.

What is wrong with my formula? In Excel it's working as expected.

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Try using this formula:

=IF([NPC Status] = "Passed", IF([NPC End Date] >= DATE(2022, 2, 24), TRUE, FALSE), TRUE)

You have to add this formula under List Validation settings.

Follow below steps:

  1. Go to SharePoint list
  2. Click on Settings icon and select List settings
  3. Select Validation settings
  4. Add formula & user message and click Save

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  1. Sometimes comma(,) does not work in formula (I am not sure but it is based on something language or regional settings on your site). So in that case use semicolon(;) instead of comma(,).
  • 1
    Thanks for the suggestion! My region in SP is Ukraine, so I replaced all commas with semicolons and code started to work properly.
    – Artem
    Commented May 27, 2022 at 11:26

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