I understand that O365 Group SP sites are the way forward as it allows connectivity to other apps. I would like to achieve a multiple SP sites to be controlled from a single permissions group, rather that every site having independent control.

I know I can add an AD/Azure group into a SP Group, but these users are then not synced to the O365 Group, and therefore not visible on the home page 'Members' link, and will cause confusion.

Is it possible where a global group of some kind can be associated to multiple SP sites, so that the 'Members' link on the home page contains these users? - Another explanation, can numerous SharePoint sites have the same O365 Group associated with it?

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This is not currently supported. A group connected team site is a one to one relationship e.g. one Microsoft 365 group to one SharePoint site.

As mentioned in your question, I would recommend using Azure AD security groups for this requirement and surfacing the members of that group in a different way.


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