I want to know if it is possible to remove this option from checking in files?

check in options

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I've only seen that additional Check in option when in a Site Pages library. In these library types if Minor and Major versions are tracked then the option cannot be disabled. (Libraries based on the Document library template do not have the overwrite draft option.) Do you know if the library is a repurposed Site Pages library, meaning had its name - and possibly its URL - changed? If any of the following are true, you know the library is repurposed: Library's URL contains /sitepages, available content types include web pages, and if there is a view titled By - Author.

If the library is a Site Pages library and you don't want the Overwrite current minor version to appear you can: 1) Change the version settings to only track major versions. (No drafts are maintained.) 2) Create a new library based on the Document library template, first configure it to use the same custom columns like External link and DocNum, and then use the Move to feature to moves the files to the new library.

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Per my knowledge, there is no way to remove this option from checking in files.


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