With current setting, author of modern site pages are getting notification on like or comment of the modern site page(SharePoint Online), but I want to send notification to another set of people or group in this case. Is it possible with power automate or any other OOB feature?

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If you are the creator of the post, the email will be sent to you by default after someone leaves a comment. And the notification Email is only for the author of the page.

There is an open feedback pending in feedbackportal.microsoft.com (earlier UserVoice) to vote and put forward your suggestions.


Is it possible with power automate ?

I am not able to find any relevant triggers from the list of SharePoint Triggers available in Power Automate.


  • Thanks for the details Jefin!
    – Sivanrv
    May 11, 2022 at 8:10

If you click the ⚙️ and navigate to Site Contents, the "Site Pages" (or go to: https://YOURTENANT.sharepoint.com/sites/YOURSITE/SitePages/Forms/ByAuthor.aspx).

The site library is just like a file library, so you can use the self-serve alerts on SharePoint. I'm not 100% sure if it'll work for likes and comments, but it would cover any changes to the page. self-serve alerts on SharePoint

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