Trying to apply search configuration to Tenant through following command:

Set-PnPSearchConfiguration -Path "C:\temp\Search\02 - Test\searchconfig.xml" -Scope Subscription

But it throws follwing error:

Set-PnPSearchConfiguration : Invalid request: Export a new search configuration first, then use it to import if you are importing an outdated exported search configuration file

I am using latest version of PnP.Powershell (1.10.0)

Any body else having same issue?

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I am facing the same issue. It was working all this while and this has started just recently.

The error message I get is - Bad request : Please export a new search configuration firstly and then use it to import if you are using a stale exported search configuration file.

Appreciate if anyone can provide solutions.


Try below steps :

  1. Go to a SPO site collection's Search Schema and map your Managed Property with desired Crawled property.
  2. Export latest Search Configuration file from Search Configuration Export.
  3. Use this latest file in your commnad.

The command required latest Search Configuration file.

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