We are about to conduct a full virtual migration. Among the physical machines to be migrated is our SharePoint server, which hosts two SP sites. I know very little about SharePoint and I've only delved into tools like STSADM to solve pressing issues in the past since SharePoint is not really in my job duties (but I am stuck with it anyway).

I used to VMWare Converter tool to perform a clone of the existing SP machine while it was running. When I imported that image into our virtual environment, everything seemed to be working fine at first. The login page appeared for both sites.

However, when I actually try to login to either site... I can't. It doesn't fail with an error, it just tells me that the username/password is incorrect.

So, I figure that it was wrong for me to run the converter tool while SharePoint was still running. I get that - but instead of bringing the whole image over next time after stopping SharePoint, I'd rather just import/export the data/databases I need.

I tried simply exporting/importing using STSADM but it was a fail - there were like 90 warnings and at least 1 error. My suspicion is that I need to import the database(s) but I do not know where to look.

Guidance is highly appreeciated!

  • Are your databases on the same server? If not, then you shouldn't run SharePoint from two servers (hardware and virtual), connecting to same database instance. – Jussi Palo Feb 25 '12 at 14:42

If you just want to export/import the DBs, you need to install new SharePoint server, and then attach the content DBs, possibly also other DBs, depending what functionalities you have used in SharePoint.

I would investigate the login issue as there should be no reason why virtual migration wouldn't work.


First things first, make sure your old servers are shut off. T

So the site is actually up and running on the new virtual server? And you can ping it? If so, I would look into the time on your new Sharepoint VM. This is something I've run into far too often and overlook. Time differences throwing off domain controllers. Just a thought.

If you actually have the site up, most likely you're just fine as far as the VMWare conversion. That's not 100% fact, but you're probably out of the woods. Can you get logged into the local Sharepoint server itself?


Due to timer job sync, if you have more than one SharePoint Server, or the SQL Server is hosted on a different machine, make sure you turn off the SharePoint Server prior to the P2V. You probably want to do this even on a single-server setup, however.

And of course, make sure DNS is correct, and the old machine is off :)

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