I've used the Asset manager template to for a list of the companies machines. This template has the attachments column enabled. This column is used for all documents for the machine.

I would like to have another column where I can add all the images for a certain machine, much like the attachments column but for images. Ideally with a preview / thumnail function.

How can I add another column, that allows me to add multiple files?

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As per my knowledge, you cannot add new attachments column in a SharePoint Online list.

SharePoint Online lists supports image column types, read all you need to know about New Image column type in SharePoint Online.

Unfortunately, this column type supports adding single image per column.

As you want to add multiple files/images, you have to use the document library & connect it with the list.

Two ways:

  1. Create lookup from SharePoint list to document library & add files in library.

  2. Create a folder in library with unique column value from list (maybe list item ID) & add files to that folder.

Additionally you can provide the hyperlink to that library/folder in your list either manually using hyperlink column Or using JSON Formatting. So that users can easily navigate to library from the list.

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