Per this brilliant instructional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o2L0DADzKQ by Reza Dorrani I created collection colTabs to display different SharePoint List items in a PowerApps gallery. The OnStart property for App is this collection colTabs (smaller portion shown here):

    ID: 1,
    Name: "All States",
    ID: 2,
    Name: "East Coast",
    ID: 3,
    Name: "West Coast",


The "Name" from above are choice values from a SharePoint List regionsUSA.

So far in the main gallery I have the Items property as:

If(varTabSelected = 1, regionsUSA)

...and that is working fine displaying all items in the first tab. How do I expand the above If statement so that from the same SP List, if varTabSelected = 2, then only East Coast items are displayed, if varTabSelected = 3 only West Coast items are displayed and so on? Somehow I am having trouble pulling the choice items from the List so I am stuck.

Thank you.

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If your tabs are all based off the value in one choice column, this could be done a little bit simpler than what is in the video.

  1. Change your colTabs collection to this:

ClearCollect( colTabs, Choices(regionsUSA.ChoiceColumnName).Value )

(Update the ChoiceColumnName as appropriate)

  1. For your Tab gallery, set the items property to colTabs

  2. Set the OnSelect property of the gallery to Set(varTabSelected, ThisItem.Value)

  3. For your Main gallery, set the items property to

Filter(regionsUSA,ChoiceColumnName.Value = varTabSelected)

(Update the ChoiceColumnName as appropriate)

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