I have a list that includes a person/group column, and I'd like to set up a flow to extract that value and insert it into a similar column in a different list.

Is this possible?

Not quite sure what operators to select.

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Yes, you can copy person/group column value from one list to another list.

  1. When configuring the "create item" action, you need to click on Enter custom value in the person or group column.

    enter image description here

  2. This will expose Dynamic properties.

  3. Select the person or group column "claims" entry in Dynamic properties.

    enter image description here

Reference: Copy Person from 1 List to Another List

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    genius, thank you so much!
    – Jerome
    Commented Apr 5, 2022 at 18:26
  • Great, glad it helped you. Please Upvote(^) and accept as an Answer as it helped you & it will help others with similar question in future to find the correct answer easily. It also removes this question from "Unanswered questions" list. Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 5:31

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