The document ID is this: EY3P5SDA5APP-512271551-6

and I would like to isolate the last digit (here 6) using a formula. I tried this formula:

=RIGHT([Valeur d’ID de document],LEN([Valeur d’ID de document])-INT(FIND("-",[Valeur d’ID de document])))

but then it returns this: 512271551-6

We are using Sharepoint 2019 on-premises.

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If you just want to get the last one digit from the document ID, you can simply use:

=RIGHT([Valeur d’ID de document],1)

If you want to get the number after second - in document ID, you can try using this formula:

=RIGHT([Valeur d’ID de document],LEN([Valeur d’ID de document])-FIND("-",[Valeur d’ID de document],FIND("-",[Valeur d’ID de document])+1))

Reference: Find last occurrence of a character in SharePoint Calculated Column

Documentation: Examples of common formulas in lists

  • Thanks. The 2nd option is exactly what I was looking for. Mar 30 at 6:14

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