We currently have an AD Attribute named Division which is used to pull information from AD into SP. The Property Settings has the Type set to string and length is 25. This has just recently become a problem when the contents of the String for this property have now become greater than the string length.

We know we are able to create a new property to replace the older one. I am gathering once the new property is created we add Property Mapping for Synchronization.

What we need to know is can we remove the mapping from the old property and / or deleted the old property once the new property is setup? And will this impact the current setup and display?

Any input appreciated.

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We found that that we could not change the original property but we could recreate the Managed Property BUT it did need a new name.

We did delete the old property and the new one was created with the same parameters - changes included the increased string length and a new property name.

Once the new managed property was set under the UPS area and the new mapping added - all that was needed was for the Search Service Application: Managed Properties > NewlyCreatedProperty to have its Mappings to crawled properties set to the new property name.

We do hope this is a help to someone else.

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