I am using the Pnp Core library 1.5.0 (https://github.com/pnp/pnpcore) trying to read a lookup value in a sharepoint list.

var listNameBookings = "Bookings";
var itemsBookings = await pnpContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitleAsync(listnameBookings, p => p.Title,
                                                 p => p.Fields.QueryProperties(p => p.InternalName,
                                                                               p => p.FieldTypeKind,
                                                                               p => p.TypeAsString,
                                                                               p => p.Title));

var dict = new Dictionary<string, bool>();
foreach(var d in itemsBookings.Items)
  var Who = (string)d["Who"];
  var When = (DateTime)d["When"];
  var Where = ((IFieldLookupValue)d["Where"]).LookupValue; // ERROR
  dict[Where] = true;

But I get an error when the execution reaches the lookup line:

'((IFieldLookupValue)d["Where"]).LookupValue' threw an exception of type 'PnP.Core.ClientException'

In details Property LookupValue was not yet loaded

Someone knows how to read it?

Thanks you

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  • For LookUp Field - use below syntax to access the value
 int value = (addedItem["MyField"] as IFieldLookupValue).LookupId;
 string value = (addedItem["MyField"] as IFieldLookupValue).LookupValue;
  • For Multi lookup fields - use below syntax to access the value
 addedItem["MyField"] as IFieldValueCollection).Values

  // Iteration 
  foreach(IFieldLookupValue lookup in (addedItem["MyField"] as IFieldValueCollection).Values)
        // Get the stored lookup id value
        int lookupId = lookup.LookupId; 
  • Thanks you but it does not work: "Property LookupValue was not yet loaded"
    – Piero
    Mar 24 at 10:17

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