I have a SharePoint 2019 application.

I have a document library which includes some folders and there are PDF files inside those folders. My issue is, I need to show "Modified" column in the library's default view, which should show the last date any folder has been modified.

I have updated a PDF document and reuploaded it into the folder "Human Resources", however the "modified" value of the folder is not updated to today's date. When I go into the folder then I can see today's date as the last modified date of the specific PDF file. I need the last modified date of my folder to show today's date as well.

How can I provide this?

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I think that folder modified date only updated when we create, or rename folder in SharePoint library.

It will not include changes in the subfolders or files within the folder.

I checked following and it is not working.

  • Create new file in folder
  • Update file in folder
  • Delete file in folder

Disclaimer: I tested all of these myself and did not find any supporting article.

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