Hello I have create a new site with individual team sites (sub sites). Each site displays links to other team sites in the top navigation. I do not even though they shouldn't have permissions to the other subsites, I do not want them to have the link.

How can I disable this?

Here is an example of the url structure. All of the sites from Projects (Team(n)) are getting display across the whole Projects site.

https://baseurl.sharepoint.com/site/Projects/Team1 https://baseurl.sharepoint.com/site/Projects/Team2

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Currently you can not disable it. Either you can remove it or you can set audience to it. Follow the below steps to remove or set the audience.

  1. Login with site admin root site

  2. On top navigation click on Edit button. refer below screen shot.

Top Navigation

  1. You set the audience using below screen

Remove or Set Audience

  1. For removing link click on ellipsis and remove it. refer the below screen. enter image description here

  2. Reference

  • I am using the classic experience so I do not have this view/option
    – BeerusDev
    Mar 4 at 13:14

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