I have a SharePoint list. When a user inserts a new item in the list an dialog screen appears.

On the dialog screen is a text box where the user can insert text and when the user clicks on the save-button the text from the textbox will be inserted in column "Description".

By default font of the textbox is "Calibri". But what I would like is when the user closes the dialog by clicking on the Save button that in the field "Description" the font changes to "Segoe UI".

I guess I need some JSON-code for the column Description.

Who can help me? Thank you in advanced.

enter image description here

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After looking at the image you attached to your question, I think you are using a Multiple lines of text column with Enhanced rich text.

Unfortunately, SharePoint JSON/column formatting does not support customizing Multiple lines of text column with Enhanced rich text.

You can check the list for supported/unsupported column types at: JSON formatting - supported/unsupported column types

You can also customize the display of columns in list view using SPFx Field customizers in SharePoint online.

Check this documentation for more information: Build your first Field Customizer extension

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