I have written a custom code activity in .NET 4.5.1 to be available as a custom workflow step in SP 2013/2016.

I have chosen Serilog as the logging framework I'm going to use to add logging, using the File sink to log to text files on the workflow server.

In the Serilog File sink instructions, it says

Important: By default, only one process may write to a log file at a given time. See Shared log files below for information on multi-process sharing.

and then in the "Shared log files" section, it gives instructions for how to "enable multi-process shared log files".

Is this something I should do for code that is being run by Workflow Manager? Should Workflow Manager be considered "multi-process"?

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You can try written not to file but to use an entry in an SQL table (for example) and check again. In Serilog it's config says: WriteTo => MSSqlServer. Link t https://github.com/serilog-mssql/serilog-sinks-mssqlserver

If you can use Azure. I would advise AppInhsight. But I also advised looking at other more centralized and specialized solutions such: Loggly ($), ELK.

On my previus projects we not use SP log (ULS, mess) and build centralize and aggregate all logs from all projects, solutions, tips etc.

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