I am fairly new to PnP PowerShell. I am trying to extract the TotalFileSize property from what the Measure-PnPWeb returns so I can see the total file size from my site.

I've tried extracting to client-side object and just an error that the WebStatistics cannot be converted to a client-side object.

Any idea how to get the values of the properties after running Measure-PnPWeb?

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You need to put it into a variable.

Connect-PnPOnline -Url "https://your-tenant.sharepoint.com" -DeviceLogin
$measurement = Measure-PnPWeb # at this point, you're assigning returned object of Measure-PnPWeb into $measurement
$measurement.TotalFileSize #from which you can use it in any of your expression
if ($measurement.TotalFileSize -gt 1000) {
    #if size > 1000, then do something here...

Hope this helps.

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