I have "Send an wait for approval" which will Assign To a list of users >> and the furst user response should end the action. here is my high level steps:- enter image description here

setting inside the Apply to Each:- enter image description here

setting inside the "Send and wait for approval":- enter image description here

Remaining actions inside the "Apply to Each":- enter image description here

but currently when the flow get run >> and the first user response >> the flow will keep running and the loop will never ends... any advice? should i re-order my actions? seems the loop will wait for all user to response for it to get ended?


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Your current flow is creating a separate approval request for each member of the group instead of sending a single approval request to all members.

I think you'll need to create a string variable and append the mail property and a semicolon for each group member. You would then add this variable to the Assigned To field in your start and wait for approval step.

enter image description here


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