I have a checkbox named Checkbox2 and I want to check it, I tried this formula:(UpdateContext({Checkbox2.Value:true}) & Checkbox2.Value=true) inside the App's OnStart but none of them worked.

I also tried:

If(CountRows(Filter(colAmountRadioOption, Value =  varRecord.Amount.Value))=0,UpdateContext({Checkbox2.Value:true});Set(varmanualAmount,varRecord.Amount.Value),false);


If(CountRows(Filter(colReasonRadioOption, Value =  varRecord.Reason.Value))=0,Checkbox2.Value=true;Set(varmanualReason,varRecord.Reason.Value),false);

Any advice?

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You must assign true or false value to a variable in the OnStart and use that variable in 'Default' property of the checkbox content (It is not possible directly assign a value to PowerApps component).

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