I am new to SharePoint list and PowerApps. When I create lists, I can not add a column name called "Type". It said the column name already exists but the column was not in my list. When I import a table from an excel sheet, which contains a column name called "Type" then it won't import. Is type a reserved word in SharePoint?

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Some fields / columns name are reserved in SharePoint list and library. these names can not be use to create custom columns in list.

I would recommend use different name containing some noun. e.g. Employee Type, Risk Type .

Below are the list reserved column with their internal name in SharePoint list.

Created Created
Created Created_x0020_Date
Created By Author
Edit Edit
File Type File_x0020_Type
Modified Modified
Modified Last_x0020_Modified
Modified By Editor
Name FileLeafRef
Name LinkFilenameNoMenu
Name LinkFilename
Name BaseName
Title Title
Type DocIcon

Because Type is reserved column name in SharePoint so you can't use it

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