I have a couple lists on a SPO site that do not get the "Forms Settings" option under List Settings. It is under Integrate, and I have successfully created new PowerApp forms for a couple lists and they work fine. Although, since I do not appear to have that specific setting, I cannot manage it from the list level (Like reverting back to default).

Every other list has this option in it, except all the lists on this site.

This site is a private channel from a Team, as that seems likely why. Although I have no idea why it would let me customize the forms, yet not even show me that menu option in actual List Settings.

I CAN get to it if I add FormSettings.aspx? to the URL.

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Currently, this is the Private channel limitations and Microsoft is working on full apps support for private channels.

As you said, add FormSettings.aspx? to the URL is the workaround for now.

Similar issue for your reference:


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