Is it possible, to configure a sharepoint list to create a page for each new entry that is added to the list? If so, how?

Ideally, the page should be based on a custom page template.

Background/Use case (for the case, that there is a better approach than a list): Our company wants to set up a list of all our machines (about 200). There should be list of all machines available that can be filtered/sorted. Also, for each machine a details page, where additional information like like service sheets, commants, documents aso are stored.

I thought that a combination of list and pages would be a good approach.

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You can use Power Automate flow to automatically create a page.

Create an automated flow triggered when an item is created and "add send an HTTP request to SharePoint action".

For Reference:

Automate Modern SharePoint Page Creation Using Power Automate

SPO Modern Page Creation using Power Automate

  • Sounds good. For now I'll try if a websitepages library with additional columns will get me there.
    – Mister 832
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 17:53

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