How can I restrict access to a SharePoint or Teams file’s history, while allowing anyone in my company to access the content? Essentially we want anyone to be able to access a couple of pages of data but want strict controls on anyone being able to identify who accessed these pages. Or, is there some way I can make all access anonymous access to specific pages, or do I need to build an anonymous SharePoint site.

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Which version do you use? SharePoint Online or SharePoint server?

If the former,we can not enable anyone link(anonymous access) for SharePoint modern page.

The Anyone with the link option might be greyed out if you attempt to share .aspx pages. Sharing .aspx pages is not supported.

If the later, please refer below article to enable anonymous access for pages library:


Also, anonymous users do not have permission to view anonymous access audit reports.

  • Do you have any progress on this issue? Please remember to update this thread if you need further assistance.
    – Julie_MSFT
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 9:37

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