I have created SharePoint document library with custom metadata columns, and have uploaded some files in this library. Documents from this library are used on SharePoint site pages.

Whenever there is a new version of any document available, it needs to be placed in document library by replacing its old version. During this process, I expect that the earlier URL for this document should continue working after it is replaced with the new version.

When I replace a file manually by uploading its new version, it works perfectly - the link created for this document on SharePoint page works and opens a new version of document on clicking it. Further, I have created an automated workflow (using Power Automate and Power Apps) to replace files by restricting direct access to the document library for some other reasons. When this automated work flow runs to replace the old file and try to open the file using the link on site page; it shows error message as "Sorry, something went wrong."

'Approval required' settings is turned on for this library, and this issue occurs even after new version of document is approved.

Is there any way to fix this?

Any help is appreciable. Many thanks!

  • Can you post your Flow and screen of the error?
    – Popkornak
    Jan 13 at 13:07

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