we have two applications, one that's in the cloud and one that's on-premise. These applications needs to access the same files. The on-premise application must be able to read and write files, to an on-premise fileshare. The cloud application do only read files, and must do so from a cloud location, which in this case is and must be Sharepoint.

So it is only the on-premise application that makes changes to the files, while the cloud application only reads the files. In total its is about 100GB of files and about 400 000 files.

What we would need is a kind of live sync between on-prem and in the other end SP, so that the cloud application is able to read the files that is created on-prem. I have evaluated Azure File Sync, but as I understand from the documentation, this sync is only daily, and this must be more frequent, but a couple of minutes of delay will not be a problem.

Any suggestions?