I have a basic Visual Basic program written in visual studio that watches folders for xml files and then parses though them and uses the included data to create a pdf via word mail merge and an access database. This PDF is saved to a synced SharePoint folder and has been functional for some time.

I have now been asked to create a ‘Document Sharing Site’ for these documents which has about 6 columns for information about the document so that filtering can be made easier for the end user.

Document Type 1 Document Type 2 Equipment Type ID Etc

Once the document has been created and uploaded to SharePoint I can see it within the site and as I have made the columns mandatory there is now a red exclamation mark indicating that additional information is required.

I believe I need to use Microsoft Graph to automate the column data insertion once the document is confirmed as available in SharePoint but after spending sometime looking I am at a bit of a loss!

Does Visual Basic even support this?

I believe that the first step is to create an ID on Azure which the app can access our data. I have played around with some examples and understand the principle.

However what next?

Is there any examples for me to review?

Many thanks T

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