I've been working on a SharePoint 2010 site in a development area for a while, and now I've come to export individual sites (rather than the entire site collection) so that I can import them onto my production server.

When I run stsadm -o import -url https://myserver -filename mysite.cmp I get the following error:

Error: Cannot import site. The exported site is based on the template BLANKINTERNET#2 but the destination site is based on the template BLANKINTERNET#0. You can import sites only into sites that are based on same template as the exported site.

Fair enough. I don't think that I can change the site template used on my production server, so I'm resigned to deleting the site collection and remaking it (no content yet, not a big deal).

However, I cannot figure out how to create a site collection based specifically on BLANKINTERNET#2. When I go to create the new site collection, I'm only presented with the "Publishing Site" option (_admin/createsite.aspx > Template Selection > Publishing tab). I'm pretty sure this is what I did on both the dev and production servers, so my questions are:

  1. why has one used template #0 and the other #2?
  2. Is there indeed a way to convert my site collection from #0 to #2?
  3. How can I create a site collection based specifically on template BLANKINTERNET#2?

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

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I have had same issue when importing from backup. I had to create new sitecollection that matches my backup template. In this case STS#0 however you can pick template that you see in Get-SPWebTemplate.

$template = Get-SPWebTemplate "STS#0"
New-SPSite -Url "<URL for the new site collection>" -OwnerAlias "<domain\user>" -Template $template 

I'm not aware of any conversion tools.




Following might help:

BLANKINTERNET#0 = Publishing Site (1033)

BLANKINTERNET#1 = Press Releases Site (1033)

BLANKINTERNET#2 = Publishing Site with Workflow (1033)

So you need to select Publishing Site with Workflow.

  • Hi Ashish. I do understand the difference, and have found sites that list all the template codes and descriptions. As I said above: "I'm only presented with the "Publishing Site" option" when I try to create a new site collection. There is no "Publishing Site with Workflow" option, hence question 3. Any ideas why that might be?
    – QMKevin
    Commented Feb 22, 2012 at 19:15
  • 1
    This site template is only available if publishing features are enabled on this site (and the parent site). source
    – Alexander
    Commented Feb 22, 2012 at 19:23
  • As per him, it is not available while creating a site collection. Commented Feb 22, 2012 at 19:45
  • Turns out I was doing something wrong: I was importing a site into my site collection, rather than importing a site into a site. In my question above, 'mysite.cmp' is an export of mydevserver/site1, but I was importing to -url http://myserver instead of -url http://myserver/site1 - once I update my stsadm command, things went well. Unfortunately I cannot mark your post as an answer, because it didn't answer any of my questions - especially given that I had stated that only 'Publishing Site' was an option when creating a site collection. Sorry.
    – QMKevin
    Commented Feb 22, 2012 at 22:17

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