Can anyone let me know the design pattern to use a SharePoint styling colour like themePrimary in a .tsx file (but not a css class).

Can only find references on how to use these variables in .scss or as css classes in a .tsx file via the Microsoft docs.

I would like to use it on this calendar component:

    eventColor={themePrimary} //#000000

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You can follow the same methodology as outlined in the Supporting section backgrounds article.

Here's the summary:

  • Set supportsThemeVariants to true in your manifest
  • Add import { ThemeProvider, ThemeChangedEventArgs, IReadonlyTheme } from '@microsoft/sp-component-base'; to your webpart
  • Setup a ThemeProvider using this.context.serviceScope.consume(ThemeProvider.serviceKey);
  • Get access to the theme using this._themeProvider.tryGetTheme();
  • Use the theme doing something like this:

Alternatively, a less safe way is to do something like this:

let primaryThemeColor = window["__themeState__"].theme.themePrimary;

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