On my farm solution, I am creating custom Site Collection Definition, Content Type and new List based on that Content Type.

For the List, I created custom form and added it to the list Schema.xml as follows

<Form Type="NewForm" Url="NewForm.aspx" 
            WebPartZoneID="Main" UseLegacyForm="TRUE"  />

Where "PostList" is my custom list, and "NewPost.aspx" is my custom add new item form.

Now this custom form is new thing I added, the previous version of my WSP is already deployed and it created the Site Definition, Content Type, List Instance. When I do upgrade using (stsadm -o upgreadesolution...), the form get deployed in the 14 hive but when I click add new item, the popup opens with disabled ribbon and nothing in its content.

I tried deleting the Site Collection and creating it again using my custom Site Definition, it works fine and clicking add new item gives me my custom form. However, I can not delete the site collection and recreate it in the production, can anyone let me know what is my problem with this custom form and upgrade?

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I think that the old form was associated on list creation. In this case you should updete list instance. You can look at this post, there is an example how to change a form. I think you can do these steps to solve your issue.

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