I added the PnP Modern Search web part from this link @ https://github.com/microsoft-search/pnp-modern-search/releases . and inside the "PnP - Search Results"web part, i have 2 sections; Query Text & Refinement filters, as follow:-

enter image description here

So what is the difference between these 2 options? and when to use each?


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According to my research, there is generally no difference between Query text and Refinement filters. But Refinement filters only supports to Refinable Managed Properties.

Here is a good Blog for you to read:


What is the difference between Query text and Refinement filters


The big difference between two is based on it's data source and ability to utilize Tokens for dynamic queries.

Note that in SharePoint (as data source), you can use both. However, in Microsoft Search (Graph API), only Query template field is allowed.

Additional info see here

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