I have a list filled with users (names and their associated emails) and a second list with trainings(along with some calculated values associated with those trainings). In the master list I would like a user to be selected by look up of list 1 and combine one of each of the trainings(along with their associated calculated values) with the selection of the user from that lookup of list 1. EX:

**List 1**         **List 2**                                **List 3** 
User 1 | email 1   Training 1/Creates calculated value 1     User 1 | email 1 :training 1/calculated value 1
User 2 | email 2   Training 2/Creates calculated value 2     User 1 | email 1 :training 2/calculated value 2
User 3 | email 3   Training 3/Creates calculated value 3     User 1 | email 1 :training 3/calculated value 3 

I'm confused as to how to create a workflow to engage the lookup list(1) to map a user to all the trainings in list 2 (including their associated calculated values) and create the combined list items to show in list 3 (master list).

Any help would be appreatiated.

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