I draw some diagram in Visio Services and map shape data with data from sharepoint list. One of fields is hyperlink. When I view toggle shape information, I can see my hyperlink, but when I try to click them - I see strange URL like "http://mylink,http://mylink" (if I have no link description in list), or "http://mylink,description" (if have). Both of links are not correct. I've try to found solutuion and've found the same question here: http://visguy.com/vgforum/index.php?topic=2151.0, but that doesn't helps.

Could anyone please help to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

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The reason for the "URL, description" format is explained by SPListItem Class. See the URL entry in the mapping table.

This can be 'fixed' with javascript. When the shape is clicked a shapeselectionchanged event is raised (see Vwa.VwaControl.addHandler Method). Write an event handler for shapeselectionchanged that simulates the hyperlink being clicked by opening the page (e.g. using window.open).

The javascript can be dropped onto the page using a Content Editor web part. Hope this helps?

  • Your solution is clear and correct. But I have another handler on shapeselectionchanged (that adds some overlay). So thanks, but it's doesnt help.
    – visder
    Feb 22, 2012 at 11:38

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